Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another Wing Chair Slipcover Tutorial, Part 1

Turning this

Into this:

I had some leftover drop cloth and 2 yards of this blue canvas, but I wasn't sure 
in what ways I wanted to use them to make the slip cover.

After playing around with the fabrics, trying it in different areas of the chair,
I decided to use the blue on the wings as a start.

I began by laying the fabric on the inside wing and trimming the top edge.

Next, lay fabric against the outside wing and pin to inside wing.

Trim the excess fabric.

Outside wing.

Inside wing.

Repeat for the other wing and sew along the pin line.
Make sure you pin exactly where you want to sew, making for a snug fit.
When you turn the wings inside out, they will then fit on the opposite wings.

Next, I moved to the arms.

Again, lay the fabric against the arm, wrapping from the inside
below the top of the seat, to just below the rolled part of the arm.

Then add a piece of fabric to the front of the arm and pin.

Pin close together so you get the shape and it will fit well.

Trim excess fabric.

Move on to the other arm.

And remember, when you sew these and turn them, 
they will fit on the opposite sides.

I like to add piping when I sew the rolled arm fronts.

 I decided to make my own piping with some scraps 
of fabric and piping I already had,

 by just wrapping the fabric around the piping.

Place the piping in between the raw edges of the arm front, 
all raw edges together, and sew along the round edge of the piping.

If you feel more comfortable sewing the piping together before you add 
it go ahead and do that. You also might be more comfortable
pinning it inside the raw edges when you pin it on the chair.

When you turn in right-side out, the piping should be just right.

Tip: Make sure to use a heavy duty needle on your machine!
I went through 3 regular needles in one day before I
went to the store and bought some heavy-duty ones!

Next post, we will add the drop cloth and finish the slipcover.

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