Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Wing Chair Slipcover

I had another wing back chair to slipcover, so, after referring to my tutorial on the first one I did,
  I took out another drop cloth and got to work.
I did a couple of things differently, but the basics were the same.
It started out a lovely blue corduroy in great shape.

I had some pretty blue seam binding and I thought it would be nice for the piping, but I couldn't find it (the piping) anywhere. So, I decided to make my own. It's very simple. 

Just put some string between the binding, or strips of whatever fabric you want to use, and sew it just like the pre-made stuff.

I also decided to put ruffles on the bottom. It's a very easy process, pretty much the same as with an ottoman I made earlier: just pinch, press and sew!

The other difference is where I put the buttons on this chair. I love them on the side of the back piece instead of down the middle, and it's a little less cutting and sewing, too!

This chair is bound for Roses and Rust,

but it's so cute, I am having second thoughts!

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  1. Nice job. Love the blue piping. Nice contrast.

  2. SO cute! I really want to tackle a slip cover but it just scares me too much! Way to go!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  3. It is really daunting to me to do a slip cover. I keep reading instructions and I may try it. Yours is great! Love the ruffle and the button detail.

  4. Slipcovers really aren't that difficult. Use inexpensive fabric, like a drop cloth, the first time out and just go for it. Each one I do get easier and better!