Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Burlap Pillow

I found this cute pillow on Pinterest a few days ago, and within hours, there were dozens of repins. 

In a few days, there were 150!
That's when I decided I needed to make this pillow!
It looked pretty easy.

Using white felt, I cut out some petal shapes, just cut them freehand, some bigger, some small,
 a circle, about 4" and 5 more a little smaller.
Then I got out the little glue gun and began gluing the petals around the large circle,
 overlapping as I went.

To make the inside petals, fold a small circle in half, in half again, then once more.

Cut off the tip and glue to the middle of the circle.
Continue with 4 or 5 more.
Then use some of the smaller petals to fill in the space 
between the middle petals and the outside ring.

 The pillow itself is simple burlap. I cut a 15" square of burlap,
pinned ribbon 5" from the top, and sewed it on.
Because the burlap is open weave, I cut 2 pieces of muslin
 and sewed all 3 together, leaving one side open.

I put the stuffing between the 2 pieces of muslin and sewed up the opening,
being sure to get all 3 fabrics.

Last, hand sew the flower to the pillow.
 (this can be done before sewing all the pieces together if you prefer)

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