Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's House Project Resolutions

As I was packing up Christmas this year, I was also looking around and noticing all of the projects we were able to complete this year, as well as the things not yet finished.

Two things I hope to complete right away (since I have all the materials) are 
the kitchen island

and wing chair slipcover.

Next on the list is the family room ceiling. It's almost done, just needs the beams.

A light fixture for the kitchen is a must, since we took out the old broken one!
 (I have been wanting to try making a light, so maybe this is my opportunity)

There are numerous other projects to be started,including
a complete reorganization of the garage, remodel a bathroom and get started on the backyard,
 but let's just start with these!

What are your New Year's Decorating/House Project Resolutions?

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