Sunday, December 30, 2012

Burlap Wreath

A friend of mine saw a burlap wreath at a local shop
 and asked me if I could make one for her.
So I looked up burlap wreaths on Pinterest
 and found a few different ones to choose from.

It was a very easy project. The hardest part was locating the supplies. Everywhere I looked was sold out on the type of wreath frame I needed, even on line! 

I finally found some at Hobby Lobby.

The other thing I needed was 10-12 yards of 4" burlap ribbon.

 I ended up finding that on line also, at Amazon, and buying it in bulk!

The directions were a little vague, but I just started playing with it.

Starting with one end of the ribbon, make a small loop 

  and push up it between the inner and middle ring of the wreath form.

Then just continue to do this all the way around,
working the burlap in between all the rings.

Push the loops together tightly and squeeze them in,
 because this will help them stay in place, besides giving it a really full look!

When you get to the end, cut the ribbon and tuck the end into the loops in the back.

 I used red burlap ribbon for the bow, but you can use any color or type of ribbon
 and have a spring, summer or fall wreath, as well.

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