Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas! Phase 2

Phase 2 of Christmas decorating focused on the family room.
Because it is a blue and white room, I don't like to put too much red into it, 
since red is such a strong color.
If you noticed, in the living room, I used a lot of the traditional red and green,
 but the dominant color in that room is red.

Here I tried to use a lot of white, some blue and green, and just bits of red.

These candles were actually my 4-year old grandson's idea. 
He was helping me get things out while I was making a new banner using
 sheet music,and he took some of the leftover music and began
 wrapping it around some candles. I loved it!
I also love this little quilt, and even though it isn't really a Christmas quilt,
it works because of the theme and the colors work in this room.

Above the window, I hung a little painted stocking-hanger I made back in the '80s.
The wreath is wrapped with white burlap, so trendy this year!

This little corner of the room got the snowmen and snowglobe, 
and I added greenery and silver ornaments to the blue bowl.

I wanted something on this side of the room, but because it is already so busy,
I didn't want too much. I settled for a garland with pinecones and a birdhouse.

This little table just got a white Santa and Joy sign on the birdhouse.

 Here's Santa in closeup. He's been around since the '90s.

A small nativity,

 some carolers,

and of course, jingle bells.

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