Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There was a time when I decorated every square inch of my home for Christmas. Every single room had to reflect the holiday... bedrooms, bathrooms, everywhere.

Over the years, as my life got busier, and I was still trying to do it all, I finally decided to pare down the craziness. However, even though it's nothing like the good old days, there are still an awful lot of decorations all over the house!

In fact, I will have to show you the holiday decor in 2 or 3 different posts so as not to make you too crazy with all the photos!

We can start in the living room.
I try to do things a little differently each year while still keeping some basics, like the lighted garland on the mantel.
The burlap stockings were new last year.

What's new on the mantel this year are the Nutcrackers. They usually live on a lower surface so the grandkids can play with them, but I like them here with the red mantel clock I got last year from Smith Hotel and my red and green Lily quilt in the background.

This is another new arrangement this year. The quilt usually sits on the coffee table and the nativity also sits on a lower table for easy accessibility.
  The "O Holy Night" banner is the only new item.

It all sits above the entrance table where my ensemble of candles and garland has sat many a year before (but not every year!)

This is where the tree would normally go, but since we won't be celebrating at home this year,
I decided to decorate these three little trees with my very favorite tiny ornaments instead of getting out all the lights and so very many boxes of bigger ornaments! 
I also thought my lighted village would look nice under the trees, forgetting I had given most of the pieces to my daughters a couple years ago. All I kept were the church, covered bridge and 1 house (hiding behind the trees).

 Some of the Santas made it onto the living room shelves.

I have had this Santa pillow since the '70s! He makes an appearance every year.

This is a little nook in the hallway off the living room.

All the little folk-art critters get red ribbons for the season!

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