Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 10 Posts of 2013

Drop cloths, beadboard wallpaper and painting furniture led the list this year.
 They were also some of my favorite projects!

 Looking back at this crazy year, here are my top 10 posts:

#10: Repurposed Phone Booth
This was a fun project, turning an old phone booth door into a pantry door.

#9: Red Cabinet
I loved this little cabinet from the moment I saw it; 
it was just screaming to be painted red!

#8: Slip-covered Chair
Drop cloth slipcovers were popular in my house this year!

#7: Turquoise End Tables
Turquoise was certainly the color of the year! 
Everything I painted this color just flew out of my booth!

#6: Painting a Family Antique

This project was somewhat hard to do (emotionaly),
 but I absolutely love the results!

#5: Lace-Painted Table
This was a project my daughter took on, using a piece of lace and spray paint.

Such an easy project with great results!

The first time I slip covered a wing chair, it turned out great!

This was a slightly crazy idea, but it looks pretty good!

#1: Wallpaper on the Ceiling
 This was also my favorite project of the year. I absolutely love it!
Bonus: it was easy and inexpensive!

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